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Toma de Posesión de la Dra. Sylvia Daunert

fotoEl miércoles 8 de abril de 2015 a las 19,00 horas, La Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia tuvo el honor de celebrar la Toma de Posesión como Académica Extranjera de la Ilma. Sra. Dña. Sylvia Daunert, PharmD, MS, PhD Lucille P. Markey Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Miller School of Medicine University of Miami, quien pronunció su conferencia titulada: "Bionanotechnology-Based Enabling Technologies in Translational Medicine" y fue presentada por el Excmo. Sr. D. Joan Guinovart Cirera, Académico de Número de la RANF.


Bionanotechnology-Based Enabling Technologies in Translational Medicine
Sylvia Daunert, PharmD, MS, PhD
Lucille P. Markey Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Miller School of Medicine
University of Miami

Bionanotechnology has spurred the creation of biologically inspired "designer" molecules capable of performing various sophisticated tasks at the nanoscale. Nature has evolved billions years' worth of highly complex molecules and materials that are manufactured in macromolecular factories located within the cell. Within living cells, we find structure and organization on many scales, self-assembly or spontaneous formation of ordered and/or complex molecular formations that can function as sensing molecules, molecular machines, and even the use of templates in the biosynthesis of DNA and RNA. All of these processes have a molecular recognition component, which provides them with exquisite selectivity and, often, unusual sensitivity. Inspired by the molecular events in Nature, our research group designs and develops new bionanotechnology methods, devices and tools based on genetically engineered proteins and cells. Specifically, we employ an array of genetic engineering and biochemical methods to prepare nanoscale biosensors, molecular diagnostic tools, and biomaterials employing a "bottom up" approach. Additionally, the research of the group focuses on the creation of targeted and responsive nanocarrier-based imaging and drug delivery systems capable of delivering the right dose of drug at the right location in the body and at the right time, which present numerous advantages over current state-of-the-art approaches. The developed bionanotechnologies find applications in translational medicine as well as in the environmental and pharmaceutical fields.


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